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World's First ever developed cotton mesh heating material.
Emitting 91% Far-Infrared-Rays.

Two temperature controllers each side(can satisfy for both)-2way

Non Electromagnetic waves "ZERO"

Composition & Size

King Size

Size : 75.98 inch x 79.92 inch x 11.42 inch

Weight: 128 Lb


Queen Size

Size : 60.24 inch x 79.92 inch x 11.42 inch

Weight: 102 Lb


Full Size

Size : 53.94 inch x 78.74 inch x 10.63 inch

Weight: 88 Lb


1. Realized the dreamy Temperature Regulator of a DC power system with
    eliminating concerns regarding electromagnetic waves.

     It's known that the existing electrical products have harmful effects on the human body due to the issue of
       electromagnetic waves. For this reason, Jangsoo has developed the DC power source system which has been resolved
       the problems with electromagnetic waves completely, which in turn enabled development of the well-being product

       that has no electromagnetic waves.


2. The function of Separated Heating in Left and Right
    In case of a mattress for 2-person use, it has the function of using the hot mattress separately by its left and right side so

       that different temperature can be set that may have been selected by each user to his or her preference, and when it is
       used by one person, then the power only for the side of the mattress that is to be used can be turned on in order to
       economize in electric power.


3. 12-hour Timer Function

Far Infrared radiation transmits warmth into body...

The strong heating effect of FIR comes from its frequency possessing almost identical

wavelengths to the unique pitch of the molecules that make up the material.

When the material makes contact with the molecules and cells which generates self-heating.

Warm Mattress

장수돌침대는 세계 최초로 특허 받은 숯발열체(특허 제 0479509호)를 사용하여 원적외선이 방사되는 온열 매트리스 개발

전자파 발생 "Zero" - DC전류를 사용하여 Heating

좌우분리 난방 실현- 원하는 온도를 따로따로 사용

원적외선 방사 91.0%

경제적인 난방비- 한달 전기 사용료 약 2,500원 (하루 8시간 30일 사용-한국 기준)

딱딱한 한국산 매트리스에 숯을 내장하고 히팅장치를 장착

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