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Jangsoo stone beds are made from carefully selected, meticulously processed stone. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and expertise, they are crafted to ensure durability and promote long-term health benefits.


Other Company's

Heat loss and

uneven heat distribution

Poor breathability due to

inadequate air cap formation

Thin stone thickness

leading to short lifespan

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 4.57.35 PM.png

Jangsoo's Natural Stone


Maintains your body temperature

(high thermal conductivity, even heat distribution)



Keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter

(high breathability with air cap formation)



Lasts easily for 10 years

(stone thickness twice that of competitors)

Which stone do I need?

Stone you need depends on the wavelength of emitted light, which affects energy size and efficacy. Find the stone that suits you best based on these factors.

  • Please verify the actual product as it may differ from the screen.

  • Natural stones can vary in color and pattern.

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