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Jangsoo Violet Mat is in the form of an electric mat with its colorful outer appearance.

The mat is loaded with silicon heat wire inside and on the upper part, there are many of Natural Serpentine Chips & Ceramics to emit far-infrared ray & negative ion.     

Composition & Size

:: Violet Mat-Double Size

Size : 55.12 inch x 78.74 inch 

Weight: 44 Lb


:: Violet Mat-Single Size

Size : 39.37 inch x 78.74 inch 

Weight: 29 Lb




Control the temp up to 60 C freely

Make the bodily organs function better

Natural Serpentine & Ceramics

Emitting Negative Ion(226 ion/cc)

Emitting Far-infrared rays(95%)

High Pressure Covering Method

Dustproof & waterproof mono gauze cover

treated with high pressure

Folds up for ease storage

Can fold trisection, Useful to carry & storage

Safety system

Operate only 12 hours (After 12 hours power off automatically)

Bimetal & heating sensor inside to avoid overheating

Left-Right Separated Heating System (Double Size Only)

Left-Right Separated heating is possible. This is useful if 2 people on the mat have different tastes of sleeping temperature.

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