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The  beautiful Jangsoo bed, made with natural stones such as jade and topaz,  provides a great night sleep every single day. 

Who We Are 

Founded in 1992, Jangsoo  Industry Co., Ltd has become the leading manufacturer and exporter of stone beds in Korea.  Since 1992, we have continued to make investments to provide the best products for our customers.  


Jangsoo holds about 300 patents and utility rights in the field, including the patent regarding heating floor technology.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by  our high quality products designed for easy use and longevity. 

Health Benefits

 Ondol, Korea’s traditional floor heating system, is applied in our stone beds which emit a great deal of far-infrared rays. Studies have found that far infrared rays can improve blood circulations, aid in wound healing, and relax your body.

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